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Pricing Workshop for Financial Coaches 

Here's what you're going to learn: 

✓The mindset that you need in order to sell confidently and with kindness

✓How to price your services so that you can work with DREAM clients

✓How to come alongside your prospective clients with empathy to empower them to make the best decision for themselves

✓The #1 way to overcome imposter syndrome when pricing

✓How to bring it all together and transform lives while building a sustainable business (stop coaching for free!)

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"I hired Jess because I saw her authenticity and her drive. She has been an amazing coach to me and has helped me grow my confidence in sales calls, helped me build my sales funnels, and has flooded me with so much motivation and encouragement!"

-Laura, Owner of Active Financial Coaching

Meet your next mentor...

Hi, I'm Jess, and here's something you might not know... I've been where you are. In 2017 I was broke as a joke, working a dead end job, and we lost 60% of our income. 

I felt hopeless, isolated, fearful, worried, and in a constant state of "survival mode." I literally had this thought: "maybe a fulfilling, freeing career isn't an option for me." 

Can you relate?

Instead of taking on the identity of a victim and giving up, I started getting serious about starting a business and dreaming BIG. 
I started:

  • Reading and learning everything
  • Researching marketing strategies and how to grow an audience online
  • Seeking out mentors who had what I wanted to achieve
  • Investing in my future
  • Changing my money mindset

Fast forward to 2020 and now I'm working with DREAM clients, generating 5 figure months, and taking time off to go on vacation and prioritizing my health and family while living in freedom and confidence!

And today I'm the go-to Financial Coach for teachers at heart who want to start and grow their own financial coaching practice! Now it's YOUR TURN!

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